Triennale IIIKärnten 2023

Grenzüberschreitendes interdisziplinäres Kunstprojekt

“A sight through the window”



Kesha Bain


Das Projekt

The installation “A sight through the window” is inspired by the war in Ukraine, from where the artist comes. Kesha experienced the both “waves” of this war – in 2014 and 2022, he needed to leave his home twice – once in childhood and once the previous year. He was switching hometowns and crossing long distances seeing the consequences of war. In the cities that were most often subjected to shelling, people were putting masking tape on their windows, which helped them not to break from the shock wave of the explosions. Often they were not just putting it around the window’s frame, but made orthodox crosses out of it as a symbol of their hope and belief – that is where the idea for this installation first came to him. The work represents people’s unity and the role of hope in bringing people together in reality of a global problem and Kesha Bain wants all of you to “look through their window”. 


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Ursulinengasse 4
Ursulinengasse 4
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